The Single Page Plan

Your Answer To Expensive Life Coaching!

(Just £99.99 per year!)
A complete online life coaching system created by a fully qualified, NLP certified life coach.
All the tools you need to create the life you want.
All the benefits of life coaching without the high price tag.
Life planning, goal setting, tracking and reporting, overcoming obstacles and fears, being accountable for yourself, and much more, it's all built in to this incredible online program.
Work at a pace which suits you.
Create your ultimate life plan while working through the life coaching video training.
Online action planning built in to your life plan to maximize your results.

Does This Sound Familiar?

Life coaching is something I highly recommend BUT trying to find a good life coach within your budget is tough!

Why can't I fing a life coach neer me who has a website?

Why do I have to work my way through loads of life coaching directories and have to try and figure out for myself the right coach for me?

Most of us life coaches are not very tech savvy and don't know how to position our websites to do well in search engines. Therefor it's easier for us to list ourselves on coaching directories where most of our potential clients can find us.

Put off by having to make a one to one consultation call first?

When I do finally find a decent looking site, the life coache always wants to talk to me first, whats the deal with that?

Most training websites will tell a life coach to get a potential client to talk to them first. It's a way of getting you to go down a "sales funnel" and make it easier to explain the high pricing of life coaching at the end of your free call.

Pricing? Where's the god damn coaching pricing on your website!?

AARRRRGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHHH!!! I just want to know what you charge for your life coaching sessions. WHY WONT YOU TELL ME RIGHT NOW!?

If I told you my life coaching package was £5k would you instantly purchase it? Probably not, it's the reson why free consultations are offered - to highlight how powerful good life coaching can be before you make an investment.

Why can't I just book a session with you and get started!

Where's the form to book my life coaching session? Why can't I do this all online, it's the 21st century for god sake!

As a life coach I want to have a chance to assess you first too! Are you going to waste my time or are you going to commit to life coaching? The free consultation exists to answer this question (as well as a few others).

Why can't I get a refund if I don't like the coaching?

All products that I purchase online these days come with some sort of money back guarantee but I can't find any coaches which offer this protection. Is life coaching a scam?

We get it, there is a big risk involved when working with a life coach. We also have to invest our time in you and if you change your mind, we can't get that time back. This is one of the reasons why all life coaches offer free consultation calls first instead of money back guarantees.

I don't know if I will be available for coaching calls when you are?

I work during the day, I work night shift etc. Not knowing the hours your life coach runs their sessions can be frustrating and off putting to say the least.

Us life coaches are normally very flexible when it comes to our call schedule however there are still times when our schedules conflict and one to one life coaching just wont work out so this is a genuine concern and something to look out for. Of course, knowing which timezone a life coach works to is the best way to see when they are available for coaching calls.

...and then the most frustrating thing of all, after having 3 or so free consultation calls, the realisation sinks in that one-to-one life coaching just ins't affordable for you right now.

So whats the solution?

Introducing... Groundhog Day?

Let me quickly introduce myself and a day as a life coach

My name is Larry Lewis, I am an executive life coach based in Darlington, offering business owners and top executives independent, confidential, professional life coaching support to help them be the best they can be.

After coaching hundreds of clients, it has become glaringly obvious that the process to helping my clients achieve the results they desire and the journey they need to follow are the same.

The solution to expensive life coaching is for me to take you on the same journey I take all my coaching clients through but to package it all together in a format that is available anytime, anywhere. This system is known as the Single Page Plan and it consists of five key stages.

Intoducing Larry Lewis

The Life Planning Phase

In order for you to know where you're going you need to know your end destination

The Single Page Plan Template