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Don’t Aim Small


My life is definitely full of meaning, purpose, ambition, driven by goals, I certainly don’t aim small.

“Humans have always wondered about the meaning of life…life has no higher purpose than to perpetuate the survival of DNA…life has no design, no purpose, no evil and no good, nothing but blind pitiless indifference.” Richard Dawkins

Charles Darwin ‘On the Origin of Species’ (1859) said that there is a struggle for existence among organisms, or more precisely a struggle for reproduction. Some will survive and reproduce, and others will not.

From what I’ve read he didn’t believe that evolution had a direction, and man has no true purpose. Darwin was a genius, a man who left an incredible legacy, but I can’t accept the fact that evolution teaches that life has no purpose beyond perpetuating its own survival. If I believed this then I may as well accept living a small, meaningless life, but no way will I ever see this as my destiny.

We are born, we grow, we learn, we work, and we die. All for nothing, life doesn’t matter. I find this totally against all my beliefs. I strongly believe we should all try to make our life meaningful. See the possibilities life offers as an opportunity, and the direction we wish to move being up and towards our dreams.

Surely if we’ve been given the ability to dream, we have to believe we are meant to be able to create these dreams into reality. I refuse to accept life is meant to be empty and meaningless.
One of the amazing things we have been given as humans is the desire to dream of a better life, and the ability to create goals to build that life of our dreams.

Do you accept living and thinking small or do you look deep within your heart and soul dreaming of a better life for yourself and your family?

We all do have the ability to not only dream but to achieve those dreams. Living like this brings motivation, excitement and purpose!

With goals we create the future in advance taking control of our destiny. We all have goals whether we know it or not. Some people’s goals are to pay their bills or just make it through the day. The problem is that most people only have small survival goals. Small goals create a small, meaningless life. They don’t provide motivation, and certainly no excitement. Big goals well they are life changing and can bring incredible motivation. Which way would you rather be? It’s not to late to be a big goal dreamer.

Realize that no matter what your goals are, they are affecting your life every day. We need goals that inspire us. With strong and compelling goals we are driven to grow and expand and develop ourselves towards what we want from and for our lives. Compelling goals have the power to move us. Done properly and specifically goals transform our lives.

Spend some time today just letting this question reverberate around in your mind:

What big thoughts move your heart into a state of excitement and joy?

Something happens the minute you set goals. You become a creator and something clicks. Immediately you change because immediately your expectations of yourself and your life changes. So click the magic into your life and don’t aim small!

About the author: Larry Lewis
I am a life coach, blogger, speaker and author who loves helping others discover the unlimited possibilities and opportunities awaiting them, enabling them to overcome their difficulties and get their life back on track.

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