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Goal Setting Made Easy With The Single Page Plan is a complete goal setting system when used correctly it can make your next 365 days your best yet!

You want the next 365 days to be your best yet. Well this book can help you to press the reset button and start afresh. No matter what has happened in the past, or where you are today, you can reinvent yourself.

You can decide to make this the time for you to set out to accomplish your dreams. Make this the year you begin to live the life you were meant to live. You just have to design it to be your best year yet. How? Well, this book is going to give you the answer

Read this book if you are:

Missing your spark and direction in life
Feeling stuck or confused about your future
Wanting to do more, be more, achieve more
Seeking clarity about where your life is heading
Unclear about what is important to you
Desperate to accomplish those goals that have long seemed out of reach
Looking for a life plan to transform your life, or
Simply that you are looking for a highly efficient, easy to use goal-setting tool that will enable you to achieve all your goals

With this book as a guide, you will begin to bring your dreams into reality. By creating your Single Page Plan, you will find the right path towards the achievement of every one of your goals. In fact it will lead you to opportunities that have been there all along, just waiting for you to notice them. You will soon have at your disposal a simple method that requires nothing more than honesty and a bit of work on your part. It will provide you with total clarity as to what you need to do to bring about all of your dreams for your future.

Are you willing to give it a shot? Are you curious to find out what you may discover about yourself and to fulfil your potential? If so, please put the effort into both reading this book all-the-way through and doing every exercise to the best of your ability. You will at times have to dig deep into the recesses of your mind, trying to see through the cloudy fog of your thoughts, but you will find all the answers you seek if you refuse to give up.

When setting goals previously you may have found yourself highly motivated for a time, but after a while, you felt the excitement, enthusiasm and belief fizzle away and you gave up on your goals entirely.

Change is not immediate. It is a slow process that requires determination and persistence. These pages will teach you a process to follow that will enable you at long last to achieve your goals. This time, do not let them fizzle away!

Let’s get to it!

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