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10 Things that hold you back from pursuing your goals


We all have dreams and I have no doubts you have made attempts at pursuing your goals. Alas more often than not, life’s struggles get the better of you and hold you back. The pressure of day-to-day life too often knocks you off course. No matter your willpower, dedication and desire, alone they are not enough.

Being here demonstrates you are not willing to settle for a mediocre life and unrealized ambitions.

To help you in your objective of pursuing your goals it is important for you to get to know those things holding you back. Once you do, you will be able to remove each and every reason holding you back.

1. Fear

The age-old enemy, almost certainly a key factor in preventing many of you from pursuing your goals, in fact it stops you from acting, making you afraid of taking the first step. Fear is what holds you back. Fear is one of the reasons why we don’t go after what we really want in life.

• Fear of failure
• Fear of rejection
• Fear of ridicule
• Fear of disappointment

Stop letting your fears hold you back!

2. Excuses

Do you find yourself putting things off – coming up with excuse after excuse as to why you can’t begin pursuing your goals? Those successful in achieving goals, possess the ability to get past excuses. So many people in life get hung up on excuses — feeling they can’t go out for the better job, start their own business, or find their perfect life partner.

• I’m not ready
• It’s not the right time
• I’m not good enough
• I’m too old/young

Stop letting your excuses hold you back!

3. Procrastination

Putting things off till next week, next month, next year, and often for ever. You’re not quite sure what you’re waiting for, but when whatever it is happens you’ll be ready to begin pursuing your goals. But this day never comes, your dream stays as nothing more than a dream. Putting things off can only hold you back.

Stop letting your procrastination hold you back!

4. Lack of Belief

A lack of belief in either yourself or your chances of pursuing your goals will certainly hold you back. What goes on in our subconscious mind has an impact on our actions or lack of actions. We hold negative and self-limiting beliefs which could be holding you back from living an amazing life.

There’s nothing that can stop you as long as you have the belief. Kicking your limiting beliefs into touch will go along way to pursuing your goals.

Stop letting your lack of belief hold you back!

5. Lack of Focus

Every time you lose focus it kills your chance of success. When we spread our focus too much, we diffuse our effort, and then we don’t have what it takes to focus on those things most important for us to do. When you are pulled in different directions, and face competing priorities, all vying for your attention you can easily find yourself lacking focus. That is going to be damaging to any attempts to achieving important goals.

Stop letting your lack of focus hold you back!

6. Lack of a big picture

What I call a breakthrough goal, others call a BHAG – Big Hairy Audacious Goal is what is needed to give you excitement, to drive you every day in the pursuit of this goal. Dream big, start small. You need enough burning desire to drive you forward. If you don’t first dream big, then your goals won’t inspire you. For your goals to work for you, they need to help you realize your dreams. Those big dreams. It’s only when your goals matter that your goals can inspire you, help you focus, and help you make the sacrifices that you need to make, and the strength to overcome obstacles as you pursue your big picture dreams.

Stop letting your big picture hold you back!

7. Not having a Plan

Lastly, without a plan, you can easily get lost along the way. Imagine trying to drive across the country, say from London to Glasgow, without a map. While you know the general direction to head, there is a lot of ground to cover, and the potential for a great deal of wrong turns, and dead ends. A Sat Nav will get you there. It plots your route and provides you with a plan. A plan gives you the map you need towards your goals. This is figuring out what do you actually need to do to achieve your goals. This is the part where you put in the effort to put a plan on paper of the steps you need to take, the resources you need, and the time you need to spend.

Stop letting not having a plan hold you back!

8. Not taking action

There’s a certain path you’ll need to take before you can achieve your goals. That path consists of many steps. Steps you have to take. Choosing to take action pursuing your goals, those specifically designed to take you on the right path, instead of indulging in activities that only bring temporary happiness but knock you off course. It’s not what you do every now and then that counts, it’s what you do on a daily basis. No action, no progress. Its simple.

Stop letting not taking action hold you back!

9. Not reviewing your progress and making adjustments

Goals by their very nature take a while to achieve, so it’s important to review your goal progress. If you don’t have timely and actionable feedback, then you won’t know what’s working and what’s worth it. You won’t know when to change, or when to stick with what you’re doing. Anyone who is successful in consistently achieving their goals is also consistently reviewing their goals and progress. Reviewing your goals regularly allows to make adjustments early so you stay on course.

Stop letting not reviewing your progress and making adjustmentshold you back!

10. Giving up to Soon

Too many people set a really big goal, but give up to soon. We all hit points when it seems like going on is next to impossible. When you’re already overwhelmed, it’s easy to talk yourself into giving up. But giving up too soon could cause you to miss out on success. You never know how soon you might start seeing progress if you hang in there and give it a little more time.

If you overcome these things, you give yourself the best chance of pursuing your goals successfully.

What else is holding you back for really going for it and pursuing your goals? Is there anything we should add to this list? Let me know in the comments section below.

“Be all you can be in this world never let nobody hold you back from reaching the dream you always wanted to come true”

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