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Are You Ready to Change Your Life?


Are you somebody who is desperate to change your life, but never seems able to do anything about it?

Do you feel stuck, unfulfilled, or unhappy? Is life not going the way you want it to?

You are stressed. You are exhausted. You find yourself wanting to run away. Work is taking its toll on your physical and mental health. Family responsibilities weigh you down.

You feel like you are just going through the motions of life, counting down the days, having failed to leave your mark.

There is no greater an energy sucker in life than negativity.

Negativity limits your potential, it keeps you from living a purposeful, hopeful and fulfilling life. It keeps you away from success, worse still happiness.

It is time to make a conscious decision to change your life.

 “A man without a goal is like a ship without a rudder.”

I know you probably thought about how to change your life at the beginning of the year. All those weeks ago. Can it really be six weeks already? There you were on New Year’s Eve waiting with anticipation of the year to come, thinking about new opportunities and counting down the seconds when the clock strikes midnight and you entered January the first, the first day of hopefully your best year ever.

I hope you are still on track.

Alas I know many of you have already forgotten what your New Year resolutions were, you are back to accepting the mediocrity of your life and the constant never ending struggles that you face every day. You fear you will never be able to change your life for the better.

Where did things go wrong this year?

The good news is, that it is not too late.

We haven’t even reached March yet. There are still 10 full months of this year ahead of you. Time, plenty of time, to completely change your life.

If things have gone wrong already, it’s not because lady luck has deserted you, it’s not because you’re fated to be a failure, nor is it because you don’t have the skill, knowledge or temperament to succeed.

What in fact it’s probably down to is the lack of having a plan.

Your resolutions may well have been the right ones, but you needed to have set for yourself not just wishes but firm goals, and then developed the plan of every step you would need to take to make all your goals happen.

It’s having a plan, providing you the specific strategy of how to go from where you are to where you want to be. As the saying goes ‘without a plan, you’re planning to fail.’
Hope on its own simply won’t get you results.

“When it comes to life, most people are spectators. They watch events unfold a day at a time. They may plan their careers, the building of a new home, or even a vacation, but it never occurs to them to plan their life. As a result, they drift along, often to destinations they would have never consciously chosen: failing health, a broken marriage, or a stalled career. But it doesn’t have to be this way.” Michael Hyatt

No longer be a spectator there is still time to design this year to be your best year yet. Nor feel sorry for yourself. Consider this: 95 percent of people who set goals or make New Year’s resolutions give up on them before the first page of the calendar turns. That’s right they quit before February.

So you’re not alone.

Best still you’ve not just accepted that this is the way things will always be.

How do I know that, well simple really, you’re reading this article, looking maybe for the inspiration to try again, or ideas of what to do?

The truth is we all have the ability to achieve the seemingly impossible. The key is channelling your focus, setting goals and planning. More particularly it’s all about writing up your Life Plan the best tool for providing you with direction.

It will help you to see what needs most to change in your life and help you to manage all the areas of your life effectively and make continual progress towards where you want to be.

It is going to ask questions to get you thinking. Look at these now and spend a few minutes reflecting on your answers.

  • Where am I now?
  • How did I get here?
  • What is right with my life?
  • What is wrong?
  • Did you expect your life to be different than it is?
  • What would you change, if you could?

Please, do yourself a favour. Don’t just read those questions, but think about them, and answer them, right here, right now.

As I said in a previous article The Process of Life Planning:

A life plan is simply a guide that you will create to provide yourself direction, meaning and purpose that if carried through will deliver exactly the life you planned for. Why do so many of you play Russian roulette, and leave your future to chance? Larry Lewis

There is something magical that happens when you create a life plan. I have seen people transform their levels of success almost instantly simply as a result of getting clearly defined and written goals and then creating a plan to make them happen.

Planning your life out on paper starts with a desire to change your life, to improve. Putting things into writing will help you dig deep within, and come out with the very answers you need.

So are you ready to take a turning point in your life?

Begin creating your own life plan by doing my free video training course. Get started on yours today by going to my sign in page.

Here is what I know.

Once you begin to become really honest with yourself about your life, no matter how uncomfortable you find it, it marks a turning point in your life—a turning point where you begin to see things more clearly, recognising how things are, and determining exactly how you want things to be .

The best way to predict your future is to create it.

If nothing changed in your life over the next 5 years, would that be OK?

Imagine what it would be like to actually live out your ideal vision of your life. Imagine if you had the ability to make your life however you want it to be. Imagine if someone gave you full permission and support, and handed you all the tools to live out your life just the way you wanted to.

If your vision is right, it will drive you. It will get you out of bed in the morning and give you reason for being.

So if you do nothing more create an empowering vision. If you really want to change your life write out your life plan.

If you want different results next year, what are you willing to change in what you are doing now?
You need to get obsessed.

Focused on the year ahead.

Taking action to change your life.

By doing so you’ll get that inner spark back and start to feel more alive – you’ll begin to see possibilities where once there were obstacles, open up to a new perspective and gain a more positive outlook on both your life and work. You will feel happier and more positive. You’ll have more energy, put the bounce back in your step and feel more inspired and alive.
For certain, without fail you need to come up with your plan.

If you don’t have a written plan for your life, it may feel like you’re driving a car without having your hands on the wheel.

So if you are ready to change your life create your life plan using my FREE VIDEO TRAINING and empower yourself to move forward, discover what you really want from your life, and keep on track to achieve it. It’s an investment of time only that will pay dividends for the rest of your life!

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About the author: Larry Lewis
I am a life coach, blogger, speaker and author who loves helping others discover the unlimited possibilities and opportunities awaiting them, enabling them to overcome their difficulties and get their life back on track.

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