Now Modules

Welcome to the Now training modules

I want to welcome you to the now section of the single page plan. You are about to go through a process that will power up your goals, provide you the motivation to see them through to the end, giving you the priority actions you need to take to achieve them, and producing a single piece of paper which will ensure you keep your focus where it needs to be. This is the first part and it deals with your now.

Don’t Look Back… Well Maybe Just This Once…

Welcome to the don't look back... well maybe just this once training module! We're going to start by looking at life as it is right now for you.

Score The Key Areas Of Your Life

To score the key areas of your life you're going to look at eight areas and give them a score from 1 to 10. This will give you a starting point for your Single Page Plan.

Making Positive Changes To Your Life

When making positive changes to your life you will use your scorecard to see which changes are the most important to you.

Complete Your Now Section Of The Single Page Plan

It's time to complete your Now section of the Single Page Plan! Have your answers ready for this module.