Making Positive Changes To Your Life

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Making Positive Changes To Your Life
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Making Positive Changes To Your Life (Now)

It sounds easy but making positive changes to your life on a daily basis is essential to leading a healthy happy lifestyle.

Most people are not happy with their life. Yet they continually venture down the same road of unhappiness. Never willing to change. As you take a look at your future, do you like what you see? Are your relationships, career choices, financial situation and other aspects of your life truly satisfying? Or do you feel there should be more?

It's now essential that you get started on making positive changes in your life. But which ones will be the most important? Looking at your 8 key areas of life which changes would bring about the biggest improvements in your life?

How many times have you told yourself that you are going to improve your life, but ended doing nothing? Having completed the scorecard you should now be clear about the aspects of your life where you are dissatisfied, so now is the time to determine the changes you need to make. These changes have to be really important to you so you commit to following through on the actions required to successfully bring about this change.

Once you are clear about these changes you’ll be shown how to create a plan, follow certain strategies and techniques to make sure these change come about.

Important Questions
What do I need to change in each of the eight key areas?
What one change can I make in each of the eight key areas of my life that will make the most significant difference to me?
What is the worst thing about this area that I need to change?
What skills do I need to learn, improve or master to improve this area?
Which personal quality or attitude do I want to develop or strengthen to improve this area?
Which habits do I want to change, cultivate or get rid of that will bring about the best improvement in this area?
What’s the one thing I am not doing in this area that would make the biggest difference?

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