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Determine what needs to change – first step to transforming your life


I’d like to get you to think about: what needs to change? If life isn’t as you want it to be, before you can make improvements, the first step is to determine exactly what needs to change.

I know many of you feel hopeless about your situation as it is right now, and even more so about your future.

“And I say it again, Never give up. No matter what is happening. No matter what is going on around you. Never give up.” The Dalai Lama

We have now reached Easter and the year so far hasn’t worked out as maybe you had hoped. Perhaps you’d expected things to have progressed far more than they have. Many of you probably gave up on your New Year Resolutions before January was even over, and have merely gone on like before, every day dissatisfied, firefighting, and constantly dealing with problems.

As the Year has reached Spring you find your momentum has stalled and you are going through the day doing what you did yesterday and the day before; and the day before that. You go through the daily motions without much thought or clear intention. I believe the problem lies with the fact that we try to take on huge “goals” without truly looking at our life and working out our true priorities. Instead we make the decision to chase these lofty ambitious goals without building the necessary foundations to support us, and then find we aren’t making progress, become disheartened and give up.

Does this sound like you?

“If circumstances control our hope, we are most vulnerable. Hope or optimism is not about denying reality; it’s about seeing the possibilities for creating a better reality than you currently have.” Dan Miller

Today I want to share with you the essential first step to transforming your life.

You need to start by determining what needs to change in your life. I’m sure given time you can think about loads of things you’d like to change. Eventually you will be able to change virtually anything. But for now you need to determine the changes which will bring about the biggest improvements in your life at this time. Where do your biggest problems lie. Are they financial, health issues, relationship problems, job dissatisfaction, lack of personal time, or something else. You need to pinpoint what four changes will most contribute to a massive improvement for you if achieved over the next year.

Make a start today by writing down what comes to mind.

Later you’re going to think about your goals. You’ll write up your bucket list. It may include travel, purchases, like the big 50 inch TV, new 4 x 4 car, rolex watch, but this will come later.

Far more important right now is the changes.

Does your diet and exercise routine serve you well?

Do you structure your days well to get the most out of them?

Is time always short and you never seem to have enough?

You are probably tired of the life you’re leading. You want to change your life, but you don’t know how to change your life. You’re not even sure what needs to change, and working this out has to be your starting point. You need to make the time to contemplate this essential thing if you’re going to change your life.

Are you wasting time doing unnecessary activities?

Are you finding it difficult to determine your priorities?

Don’t think, “I want my life to change.”

Be specific and precise: “What needs to change in my life?

Most people are not happy with their life. Yet they continually venture down the same road of unhappiness. Never willing to change or to even determine what needs to change.

Are your relationships, career choices, financial situation, health, and other aspects of your life truly satisfying? Or do you feel there should be more?

First you must get disturbed. Where you say ‘enough is enough.’When deciding you want change in your life, you must truly get upset with your current situation. Your emotions are very powerful. And you’ll find that by using this energy as a catalyst for change, your desired life will be within your grasp.

Take some time to consider what it is you want to change about yourself. Where are you in life compared to where you thought you would be? What would be better if you could change it?

The good news? You get to choose whether to stay on your current melancholy life direction or will you rise up and pursue a life of fulfilment and happiness? The ball is in your court.

“If you don’t like how things are, change it! You’re not a tree.”  Jim Rohn

With eyes closed, sitting quietly, get yourself centered. It may help to gently follow your breath for a minute or two. Visualize what you want to achieve. Don’t force the images and don’t fantasize. See the change you desire as clearly as you might see what your house looks like. Be realistic and calm as you see the new situation that you want to unfold.

Make a change. If you’re not happy, not fulfilled, feel empty and lack motivation, make a change. Don’t exist. Live. Turn things around and live a happy, successful, fulfilling life. Go on, you deserve to.

Changing your life is possible. But it takes strong convictions and mental perseverance. I am positive you can do anything you put your mind to. Good luck!

“We must become the change we want to see.” Mahatma Gandhi

Thanks for reading this article. I would love to hear whether this article has helped you determine what needs to change about your life. Drop me a comment. If you are someone struggling either E-mail me at or check out my powerful life changing system here.

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