Today I'm going to show you how you can make the next 365 days your best yet.

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Hi there,

Let's make your next 365 days your best yet! The single page plan, which you've just downloaded, is a life changing tool that will set you up for your best year yet and provides a simple but powerful system which will give you clarity and focus, showing you where you are in life, exactly where you want to get to, and what to do to bridge the gap.

Introducing A Life Changing Tool

It’s a life plan. A single sheet of paper created by you for you, which describes what you really want out of life. It provides the specific actions necessary to take you from where you are to where you want to be in every major area of your life. We are not talking about a 50-page business plan with maps and checklists. A life plan is really just meant to be a general summary of where you are now in all the areas that matter to you, where you want to improve and what you’d like your life to look like in the future and what you have to do to get there.

The Single Page Plan is designed to be a complete personal goal setting system. It's a structured systematic system for achieving big, audacious and wildly ambitious goals.

Plan Your Life Like You Do Your Holidays

Plan your life like you do your holidays

Right now, I'm going to get you started on the road to making the next 365 days your best yet. It amazes me how many people spend more time planning their summer holiday than planning the rest of their life. Does this sound familiar? Two weeks of fun and relaxation surely isn’t your sole aim in life. The Single Page Plan will make a massive difference to you by helping you to take control of your life and mapping out the way you want to live, ensuring you take an active role shaping your very own future.

With a simple and focused layout, the Single Page Plan will help you to go through a process to provide you with the blueprint for your next 365 days. It's about creating a master plan for life getting crystal clear on what you want to achieve and how you will achieve it. Then it provides you a system to make it happen.

Meet Larry...

Larry Lewis

Now, let me take a minute to introduce myself. My name is Larry Lewis and I'm the creator of the Single Page Plan. I am a fully qualified Life Coach, and for many years was the owner of a chain of fitness gyms, as well as being a fitness instructor. I am the owner of a popular website and blog in the health niche, called Healthy Lifestyles Living, a writer on all things personal development as well as being the media and communications director at a charitable organisation.

My mission is to help others improve their lives. I am somebody whose life is an example of when you take the time to plan out your life and follow this through, driven by a vision of your future, you can make life simply brilliant. But I am also proof of somebody lost in life, having no plan, no life goals to drive you on who found life going from one disaster to another. So I can testify that there is only one way to choose to live, and that’s having a vision of the life goals you want to enjoy and making a plan and using it to bring the outcome you desire into being.

Did You Try And Achieve "A Life Goal" At The Bigging Of This Year?

Maybe you set out at the start of this year with the best intentions. Determined to bring about change. Change how you eat, to start working out, learn something new, change careers, be healthier and happier. But as quickly as you started working towards these goals you’ve derailed, and things have started to go back to how they were.

Every single one of us have goals which we want to achieve in our life. Whether its

To get married
To have kids
To advance in our career
To be able to retire in the sun
To be financially secure
And everything else in-between

You may not even be thinking of these things as goals. At the moment they may seem unachievable, so their really just dreams or wishes. But are you actively working every single day to turn your life goals into a reality? Have you actually done something today which in turn will bring you closer to your goals in life tomorrow? The key question is, "What should I be doing every single day in order for me to take me one step closer to achieving my goals in life?"

Goal achieving is not simply the act of writing down a list of wishes, as if it were a Christmas list, with the hope you will wake up one morning with your goals realized. That is not how it works. There is a very specific process starting with determining what you want and most importantly developing a specific plan of action that will keep you motivated and accountable long enough to see those goals and dreams come to fruition. You’re now about to have a process to follow that will enable you at long last to achieve your goals. So are you ready to start designing the rest of your life?

We're Awful At Achieving Goals When Left To Our Own Devices

Just look at the stats...

Every year around 40% of us set a New Year's resolution at the begining of a New Year.

25% of us who set a New Year's resolution gave up after just one week and around 60% gave up after 6 weeks.

The most popular New Year's resolution every year is to lose weight and has a whopping failure rate of around 95%!

The natural way we look at achieving goals doesn't work, but life planning does! What you need is a completely new way to look at how you set goals and then how you plan to achieve them.

Switch The Odds Back In Your Favour

A Road Map For Your Life

They say “Life is a journey,” but before starting a journey it is wise to plan your route. Have you done this? Most people I come accross haven't. Hence the roads you have taken have often been bumpy. There are lots of good reasons for planning your journey. It will be less stressful if you know exactly how to get to your destination. You can avoid getting stuck or taking the wrong path. You’ll be in the Driver's Seat.

The Single Page Plan template gets you to really think and answer the question “what do I want out of life”. After you’ve answered this question, you can then start at the end and work backwords figuring out all the individual steps you will need to take to get you from where you are now, to where you want to be in the future. You map all of this out on a single sheet of paper where you will have a clear reference to how you are going to achieve your life goals. Goal setting is a powerful process for thinking about your ideal future, and for motivating yourself to turn your vision of this future into reality. The process of setting goals helps you choose where you want to go in life.

If you knew that devoting a few hours of your life now could multiply the results you’re getting in your life tenfold in the future would you do it? Would it be worth it? Follow this system and you too will have the formula to achieve your own great dreams, desires and outrageously exciting goals. It starts by taking a few of hours to complete your Single Page Plan. Are you willing to invest a few hours in order to set yourself up for a year of success? I have not yet found anyone who can’t write a really succinct, great blueprint for their future using the single page plan. What I have seen is those who try and go back over it a couple of times will ultimately end up with it nigh on perfect.

The 5-Step Process To Achieving Your Goals In Life

5 Step Goal Setting For Life Process

The Single Page Plan will take you through a 5 step life transformation process to get you started on changing your life and create the momentum that will drive you to follow through

The steps are simple.

The first is to look at your Now, "Where are you in life right now?".
The next step is to look at your Where, "Where do you want to be in life over the next 365 days (and beyond)?".
The third step is to look at your Why, "Why do you want these things in your life?".
The 4th step is the How, "How are you going to go from whre you are now in life, to where you want to be?".
The final step is Review. Reviewing and revising your plan where needed will keep you motivated and will ensure you stay on track to achieving the goals you want in life.

You Also Need A "Perfect Life Vision" In Order To Complete The Single Page Plan 5-Step Process

Now this process is all very nice and linear and if I asked you to fill out your answers to these questions right now, like many of the things you've done in the past, they will probably mean nothing or will be bland and safe changes. They won’t give you the motivation and inspiration to give you an amazing life plan.

BUT... if I show you the Single Page Plan template along with a process to show you how to visualise your ultimate life vision, your “perfect” life in 3, 5, or even 10 years’ time... I'm sure you can see the power of this single sheet of paper which is going to become the blueprint of the life you are going to create for yourself in the next 365 days and beyond.

The Single Page Plan Template

So what would it be like to reach the end of 12 months knowing that you accomplished what you set out to do? To feel the satisfaction of making things happen in your life? How would it feel to finally mark off a goal that’s been on your list for years and years? If you want to follow a proven process for having the best year you’ve ever had, this training is for you! Use the single page plan to get you crystal clear on your vision, goals and the actions required to make them happen, so that the next 365 days can be the best yet.

With your completed single page plan template in hand you will have three vital pieces of information

1. An understanding of where you are now.
2. A crystal clear vision of where you want your future to go.
3. A sat nav showing you how to get from where you are now to where you want to be.

But now you need to learn the system you will need to follow to get you there.

I’ve shared with you an empowering and proven life planning system designed to help you achieve a big breakthrough goal in the next 365 days. Although I can’t do it for you, I can certainly help. I am going to make the whole training process a lot easier for you. There are 5 ways to learn how to complete and use your Single Page Plan. Simply choose your prefered method from the options below and make a start on your Single Page Plan right now!

Choose Your Prefered Method Of Learning

No matter if you like to read, watch training videos or get hands on with one to one training, we've got a way of learning the Single Page Plan which best suits you.