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Live Each Day As If It’s Your Last


Do you live each day as if it’s your last? Or do you go about just dreaming about what you should have done, or maybe  what you are going to do in the next 10 years?

Life was meant to be lived day by day. What happened in the past, or what might happen in the future is really irrelevant. What really matters is what is happening now. When we focus too much about what happened a few years ago or what we think will happen in a few years from now, is like living in a world that does not exist.

In a conversation I suggested to somebody that they make the most of every moment and live life as though today could be their last day.

They said this in reply:

“That’s a Good attitude to live by if circumstances allow.”

It’s simply crazy how often people will use expressions such as if there is a chance, if possible, if circumstances permit, if things go well, if luck is on my side when contemplating improving their lives.

When in truth they’re thinking to themselves no chance, It’s all over,” “It’s never going to get better,” or “I’m destined to suffer. They either don’t think it’s possible, or they don’t have the energy to try.

Unfortunately If we believe our struggles cannot be changed, and we say those words to ourselves then we’re ensuring things will never improve.

The crazy thing is many of you convince yourself that you cannot change, that you cannot overcome the circumstances of your life.

That is simply not true.

The greater part of our happiness or misery depends upon our dispositions, and not upon our circumstances. Martha Washington

Every day offers you a new opportunity if you’re willing to grab it. Even if it’s easier to allow circumstances to interfere with your destiny the outcome won’t be so good! Surely you owe yourself the effort to bring about change.

By believing you can bring about change and then doing something about it, stops you being a victim of your circumstances and gets you to start taking action towards the life you want. By taking the time to live each day as if it’s your last ensures you notice what needs changing and take the time to make every minute count.

You have the power and the time to shape your life. Break free from the poisonous victim mentality and embrace the truth of your greatness. You were not meant for a mundane or mediocre life! Steve Maraboli

If you knew today was your last day then what would you do? I’m not suggesting you quit your job or stop paying your bills, but rather to look at the areas of your life that matter most to you. You know you need to do more every day to appreciate and enjoy the people and activities that make your life worth living so as to live each day as if it’s your last.

Imagine what your life would be like if you stopped blaming your circumstances on other people and things and took responsibility of your own life.

You have to be brave. To build your expectations despite your difficult circumstances.

Maybe this is what take a leap of faith really means. To believe you can improve your life, making things better. Moving away from the struggles and difficulties to a life of happiness and success.

What you will learn if you are going to succeed is that your outside world will change once the inside one does.

“Joy doesn’t exist in the world, it exists in us.” Ben Franklin.

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“Live every day as if it were your last, because one of these days, it will be.” Jeremy Schwartz


photo credit: Lennart Tange Good Evening via photopin (license)

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I am a life coach, blogger, speaker and author who loves helping others discover the unlimited possibilities and opportunities awaiting them, enabling them to overcome their difficulties and get their life back on track.

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