Confirm Your Goal Setting Worksheet Is Correct

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Confirm Your Goal Setting Worksheet Is Correct
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Confirm Your Goal Setting Worksheet Is Correct (Review)

It's now time to review your progress so you need to make sure your goal setting worksheet is correct.

If you're not waking up every morning raring to work on your plan you have got it wrong!

To this point your life may feel like you’re just floating through life with a lack of direction and now you have that nagging feeling that things could be better. You now have a plan for your life, and it is essential that you are excited about what you’re trying to achieve, so it’s important to ensure your plan feels right.

As we travel on life's road, we have to take the time to consider what we want to accomplish along the way. In order to create the kind of life you want, it is important to ensure the plan you’ve set feels right.

We will look at it in this module.

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Design Your Life Goals (Where)

Connect The Common Threads

Now it's time to work through your plan and connect the common threads.

Tip: Your online Single Page Plan does this automatically but it's good to know what you need to look out for.

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