What Do You Want To Have In Life?

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What Do You Want To Have In Life?
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What Do You Want To Have In Life (Where)

So what do you want to do in your life? In this module we will find out!

Finally in creating your bucket list it is time to image the things you want to have in life. There are things we all want in our life, such as the most amazing friends, the best job in the world, and the perfect someone to love.

What do you want to have in life? A good job, a fancy car, a nice house? While you can't get literally everything in life, it is certainly possible to aim high, dream, and achieve a lot.

We're not just talking about material objects but goals, achievements, and feelings. Look inside of yourself and ask “what is it that I most desire?” Write down your answers as they come, without assessing them, just state the things you want.

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