Video #16 - Why Do You Want To Achieve Your 365 Day Goals (Why)

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Why Do You Want To Achieve Your 365 Day Goals
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Why Do You Want To Achieve Your 365 Day Goals (Why)

In this module we ask why do you want to achieve your 365 day goals. Knowing your reason why is so crucial to the goal setting process!

There are going to be a variety of reasons behind each of your goals and now you have to discover what they are. One of the very best ways to achieve success with your goals is to begin by finding your purpose for these goals.

Without a purpose, any goal or task soon becomes mundane and boring. If you don’t have a reason it’s very easy to lose your drive in attaining those goals. This is why it’s crucial to find your purpose and keep your purpose in plain sight every day. Until we understand WHY we want our goals, it’s difficult to go the ‘extra mile’.

Having your goal connected to your why is like having deep roots in the ground and they become the fuel that powers your goals and gives meaning to your accomplishments.

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