Your Long Term Objectives – Long Term Goals

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Your Long Term Objectives – Long Term Goals
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Your Long Term Objectives - Long Term Goals (Where)

Let's figure out your long term objectives (long term goals).

Long term goals are crucial to our sense of happiness and well-being. They direct our actions and give us hope for the future. They provide us with a sense of purpose.

You must never lose sight of your perfect life vision, the future you want to be living in 3,5 or 10 years' time. Although your main focus is working towards your breakthrough goal by concentrating your efforts on to your 365 day goals, you need to ensure you are staying on the path to your vision.

It's clear that people who maintain focus on long-term goals can achieve much bigger things than those who jump from idea to idea, or those who give up after the slightest setback.

You're now going to decide on your long-term goals which will ultimately lead to your perfect life long term vision. Having clear and specific long term goal keeps us headed in the right direction – somewhere we really want to end up, not just somewhere the circumstances might take us, empowering our beliefs.

So in this module you set your target for your future by clearing stating your long term goals.

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