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Your goals are your target destination, so your “How” is what you need to do to get there. So often people think of fantastic goals, but then they do nothing about them, so of course nothing happens to make these goals become a reality.Goals will not magically happen just because you have written them down. You still need to make them happen, by taking action. Let's start making the first steps to your action plan.

How To Set Goals

Now we're going to look at how to set goals. We're going to be looking at how your going to get from where you are now to where you want to be.

How To Set Your Short Term Goals – 365 Day Action Steps

Let's take a look at how to set your short term goals (365 Day Action Steps).

This should be straight forward when using your Single Page Plan for inspiration.

How To Set Your Long Term Goals – Key Long Term Priorities

Now we figure out how to set your long term goals.

These goals are your key long term priorities that you always need to work to on all your goals.

Setting Measurable Goals – Your Key Performance Indicators

It's imperative that you're setting measurable goals (your key performance indicators).

You always need to be able to track your progress for every goal you set out to achieve.

This Years Theme

Now it's time to set this years theme, a short catch phrase which will sum up the next 365 days of your life.

Complete Your How Section Of The Single Page Plan

It's time to complete your How section of the Single Page Plan! Have your answers ready for this module.