How To Set Your Long Term Goals – Key Long Term Priorities

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How To Set Your Long Term Goals – Key Long Term Priorities
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How To Set Your Long Term Goals – Key Long Term Priorities (How)

Now we figure out how to set your long term goals (long term priorities).

You don't need to do these in so much detail as these aren't goals yet. There are probably going to be many more 365 day goals to be achieved over the next few years before these themselves become goals. But you have to ensure you stay on course towards them.

You must never take your sights off your long-term objectives as these are necessary for you to achieve your ultimate destination, a perfect life. Having long-term priorities will ensure that you do not stray from the route you have charted for yourself. This ensures you take a “long-term perspective” taking the future into consideration with every decision you make in the present.

You'll think about your long term objectives and the things you'll need to be doing and those things you shouldn't. Asking yourself what areas you must develop, pay attention to or focus on to achieve your long term targets moving you towards your perfect vision.

You are looking at your priorities, so think about the general areas you need to focus on, not specific tasks that would need to be accomplished. If you start drilling down into tasks at this stage, you will find the list is too long.

So in this module determine your long term priorities.

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