Why Is It Important To Set Goals

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Why Is It Important To Set Goals
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Why Is It Important To Set Goals (Why)

In today's module we ask why is it important to set goals?

We're now going to look at truly powering up your goals by finding your whys. This will give you the true compelling reason behind every one of your goals, the real reason you want them. This will give you the inspiration and motivation to carry on towards your goals no matter the obstacles you confront. It gives you a purpose.

But getting to the “why” behind your goals is difficult and is an important goal-setting step that is often overlooked. For every reason you can think of, say to yourself “But why?” What's the bigger story behind your desire to achieve that goal? This will get you to dig deeper to find what your true motivation is.

When you clearly know the reasons why you want to reach a goal, it helps you stir up the energy you need to keep at it.

This module will prepare you for finding your whys.

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