Your 365 Day Goals – Short Term Goals

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Your 365 Day Goals – Short Term Goals
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Your 365 Day Goals – Short Term Goals (Where)

In this module lets figure out your 365 day goals (short term goals).

Knowing your breakthrough goal you now need to break it down into 4 smaller goals, which together will lead to achieving it. As your breakthrough goal is to be achieved in the next 365 days these smaller ones are your short term goals.

Sometimes people find a big goal overwhelming, but chunking it down into a series of smaller goals seems more manageable and realistic. So having decided what you really want, with the specific deadline of one year, the next step is to determine all of the individual goals you will need to take to accomplish this big goal.

By chunking down your breakthrough goal you will create momentum and build your confidence, both of which move you farther and faster toward the achievement of your goals.

Now go create your 365 day goals in this module!

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