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Today is the 21st of December 10 days left of the month, and then we will reach the year 2023. What do you want to make happen in this fast-approaching New Year. Have you prepared by setting your breakthrough goal?

I am writing this sitting in the waiting area at the Woodland Hospital, Darlington. I’m going through soon into the operating theatre to have surgery on my eye. This will be the tenth eye operation since 2008. Looking back to when I began this journey suffering from a retinal detachment, I smile at the progress I have made.

I believe the most important thing I ever did was create the Single Page Plan and personally use it every year. If asked which part is responsible for creating the biggest strides forward, I’d have to say it is setting a massive breakthrough goal for myself every year.

High achievement always takes place in the framework of high expectation. Charles Kettering

Today I want to show you how to create a breakthrough goal for yourself.

Every day you set forth on a path to achieve the seemingly unachievable. You live in a place where hope is the currency and impossibility is the commodity.

To start, we must first define a Breakthrough Goal. A Breakthrough Goal is not just a WIG (wildly important goal) or a BHAG (big, hairy, audacious goal), it is something bigger than that. It is something that feels totally and utterly out of our reach. You’ll know your goal is Breakthrough when it makes you feel both excited and uncomfortable at the same time.

Before the holiday hustle and bustle begins – is a great time to kick things into high gear.

Start with these questions:

1. What do you most want to say about yourself at the end of the year?
2.Which one goal, if achieved, would complete – or propel forward – several other goals?
3. What’s your audacious goal? What’s the one thing that would catapult you to the next level in your career or business?

“If you want to be happy, set a goal that commands your thoughts, liberates your energy, and inspires your hopes.” Andrew Carnegie

Merriam-Webster’s Dictionary defines a breakthrough as “an act or instance of moving through or beyond an obstacle,” “a sudden advance especially in knowledge or technique,” and “a notable success.”

A breakthrough goal that would represent a quantum leap. I’m talking about a goal that, when achieved, will change every possible aspect of your life for the better. For some people, that breakthrough goal might be starting their own business or writing a book. Or it could be losing 100 pounds, competing in a triathlon, or learning how to build a plane.

As soon as you commit to a big dream and really go after it, your subconscious mind will come up with ideas on how to make it happen. You’ll start attracting the people, resources, and opportunities you need into your life to make your dream come true. Soon you will discover that big dreams don’t only inspire you, but they also become an inspiration to others, too.

Put the power of life planning to work in your life right away!

Ask yourself this question. What one major goal that could be achieved in the next 365 days would go the furthest to totally transform your life, better than it has ever been.

You need one goal that, if you accomplish it, will do more to help you improve your life than any other single goal. Your life begins to become great only when you decide upon one truly life changing, important goal.

Now get it down.

Write one paragraph that will push you, force you to work really hard at life, but that conceivably could be achieved in 12 months

Keep playing with this ‘description’ until it’s clear and sharp and big enough to be exciting to you, until you feel great just thinking about it.

I’ll be back once my vision reappears, not my life vision just my eyesight. Be safe and get planning.

So, what is your breakthrough goal?

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About the author: Larry Lewis
I am a life coach, blogger, speaker and author who loves helping others discover the unlimited possibilities and opportunities awaiting them, enabling them to overcome their difficulties and get their life back on track.

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