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Sink or Swim, Goals Make the Difference


A beautiful sunny weekend saw families heading to the coast. How many ventured down to the Ocean edge to dip their toes into the water, playing with the idea of jumping in headlong?

This wonderful place where we all like to visit during the summertime can also be very perilous. Can there be anything more frightening than being at the mercy of the sea? One minute swimming gracefully in calm tranquil waters and the next being pulled out to sea and flung around by powerful unrelenting waves drifting further and further away from safety.

You know you can’t give in, for you must survive. You must. Wave after wave moving you around as though you were as light as a pebble, your head being dragged under the water and rocked side by side.

And that loss of control, desperate to fight against the current, swimming hard toward shore, to once again be the commander of your own direction, to push through the fear, and make your way back to safety.

What a fearful thing, to be pulled under by fast flowing waves. Making you helpless being controlled by factors out of your control. We would all do anything we could to avoid being in this situation.

Why then do so many people allow themselves to be pulled and pushed by external factors, guiding them in a path that they didn’t determine for themselves? Your life will never materialise the way you want it to be until you take a firm control over what you do.

During the most difficult phase of my life it felt like I was constantly drowning, being battered by the waves pushed up against the rocks. Every time I thought I’d got my head above the water, it seemed another wave came along and knocked me back down.

Only once I decided to look beyond my current circumstance and envision what could be in the future if I got myself to now swim and no longer allow myself to sink. From the initial decision to reinvent my life, create a vision of the life I wanted to live and then begin to create goals to give me the stepping stones to this future, did my life once again begin to develop and remain far calmer. My vision and goals provided me with a map to navigate my life’s journey.

It begins by clearly defining your life goals determining the destination of your journey and reviewing your start point. Your life goals may be in business, personal finance, lifestyle, relationships or any other, but what matters is that you should be clear about what your goals are, be specific about when you want to achieve them and determine what you need to do to bring them about.

The ultimate formula for success in my mind if for us to be focused and in control of our decisions and actions. To ensure your life’s journey is following the path laid down by you having made concrete goals which you work towards.

In fact you are creating the waves from your own epi-center, washing away all your problems and carrying you to your desired destination when you live a life powered by goals. You just have to make the decision that you will no longer just let your life be washed away by the waves.

Can you see yourself controlling the rudder sitting on top of this massive wave moving towards the place you want to be? Heading for the sun. The wind in your hair. Feeling good as you travel on. Moving ahead to claim you rightful place in life. All powered up by setting your goals.

It’s time for you to create momentum in your life, believe your dream is possible and set goals to support you in bringing it to fruition.

Please allow your life to be driven by goals and no longer let yourself be carried forward by the waves of life which will constantly see you battered against the rocks.

About the author: Larry Lewis
I am a life coach, blogger, speaker and author who loves helping others discover the unlimited possibilities and opportunities awaiting them, enabling them to overcome their difficulties and get their life back on track.

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